What do our customers say?

I was impressed with your rod the moment I put it in my hand.  These rods are the best of the best as far as I'm concerned.  Immediately upon using my Big Bear Rod, I would estimate my hook up percentage on frog fish went from 50% up into the 80's.  And man can this thing horse the big girls out of THICK cover!  The backbone and tip on this rod are unmatched by any other rod I have used in my 30 plus years of fishing.  And lets not forget about that grip! The grip is absolutely amazing.  I can throw it all day, and my hand never gets sore or worn out.  I truly believe you have the best rod out there.  I've not fished a tournament since owning a Big Bear Rod, where at least 5 or 6 people have seen my rod lying on the deck of the boat. Then came over to talk to me about it and pick it up and fondle it.  Everyone is absolutely amazed by your product.

Tim White


I had 7'6" short handle rods built to throw small Squarebills and Ripbaits and in the process designed the best Trap rod I have ever fished.  Jigging a Red Eye in 25' of water on a rock pile, I could feel the lure hit the bottom.  I was catching 5 to everyone else's 1.  

Brian Misner, Waynesboro, PA


Big Bear went above and beyond to try and make me a returning customer and make sure I was satisfied.  I couldn't have asked for better customer service.  It's good to see a rod company that cares about their product and their customers.  Thanks Rob!

Tony: Chicago 


Two thumbs up! The one thing that caught me by surprise was how much more accurate I am with the Big Bear grip than I am with my traditional grips.  If you are looking for accuracy, this rod is a must! 

Cole: GA 


I got my new 7'3'' medium and went out and boxed over 18 lbs in less than 2 hrs. Just the right action for a dd22 or fat free shad. Love these rods!! 

Jason: Albany, GA 


You will not find a better rod anywhere. For all you power fisherman, nothing matches the sensitivity, power and DURABILITY like a Big Bear Rod. I'm hard on my rods. I use heavy superlines and swing hard to drive a hook home in heavy cover and no rod has ever improved my hookup-landing ratio as much as Big Bear Rods have. Two years ago, I didn't own a Big Bear Rod and complained about losing key fish when money was on the line. Now I have 10 Big Bears and won Angler of the Year for the local tournament trail I compete in. I'm convinced these rods have made the biggest difference for me landing big bass! 

Justin: Athens, GA


I would like to say I've been using Big Bear Rods for the last three years and have never had a problem with them.. They are by far the best rods I have ever used.. The grips on this rods are so unique and great...I will say these rods are very well built.. they all have the back bone you need but the tips on them are great.. The guides are very sensitive and I can feel a lot when using them.  Also a cool thing is the specs for the rod are written in big numbers and letters below the grip, so you exactly know what action rod you are picking up. Most of all these rods are built in U.S.A.!

Mike: Houston, TX 


These rods cannot be beat!  They have AMAZING feel and sensitivity and are by far the most comfortable rod that I have ever held in my hand.  I highly highly recommend a set to anyone.  I know that I will soon have a set!

Russell: Redford, NC 


If you are in the market for a new rod or rods look no farther! Big Bear Rods are the REAL DEAL! I have used everything from a G Loomis IMX to a Shimano Clarus and not one rod compares to a Big Bear Rod. The 7'9" H is the best Punchin/Flippin rod on the market. It has all the power needed to get that big fish out of heavy cover and the perfect amount of tip so you aren't tearing the hook out of the fish's mouth. I recommend ANY Big Bear Rod for ANY angler!

Jeff: Northern California


Big Bear Rods are amazing, the grip is one of a kind, and it helps me feel bites no matter what the conditions. The grip also helps with wrist fatigue. Over all it is the best rod I have ever used, it is the perfect combination of power and sensitivity.

Tommy: Ft. Myers, FL  


By far the best rods I have ever used. g loomis and duckett have no match to this company, recommend you buy some right away

Javier, Mexico City, Mexico 



I loved everything about it.  The ordering process and products quality are both outstanding. Rod feels great and responds even better.
Jason Pippenger, New Orleans


I have about 2 dozen big beat rods and I love all of them! They have the right feel and action for whatever the situation may be. Check them out guys!

Jason, Albany, GA 


Best Rod on the market Hands Down! If you are looking for a high quality and affordable rod - Get yourself a Big Bear Rod! You won't be disappointed!

Jeff,  N. California


I just bought my 3rd big bear rod.  I use this one for frogs and flipping.  If you are an avid fisherman with specific needs you owe it to yourself to try these rods...they simply do the job at a great price!!

Jim Adams, Thompson GA


Big Bear Rods are the real deal at a great price point! I had them custom build me a 7'  3/4M-F for my dart head rod and I tell you what, the thing is awesome! I can feel the most subtle bite and set the hook good on a long cast! I wouldn't fish any other rod for the price!

Barry, Carson City, NV


Hello. I just wanted to say that I bought one of your rods recently and had to let you know that it is amazing. It is by far, without a doubt the best feeling rod I have ever put my hands on.  I will be a customer for life.  I got a worm rod and look forward to purchasing others.  Keep the awesome rods coming. Y'all rock!  Thanks,
Todd Sapp
I want to thank Rob at Big Bear for sponsoring me the last few years.  I needed a heavier rod to get the bass out of the grass beds and I definitely found one at Big Bear Fishing Rods.
Melvin Smitson
Baltiomore, MD.
I wanted to thank you for an amazing product.  Both the casting and the spinning rods have been incredible!  I placed 2nd in my last tournament and have been talking up these rods every where I go.
Kevin Meadows
Fishers, IN
I currently have 6 of your rods.  I fish several regional tournaments a year and also run a guide service here in central Florida.  I believe in your product and recommend it to all my customers. Your product rocks!  I no longer use my G Loomis rods.  Big Bear Rods for life! 
Capt. Nick George
Lakeland, FL
I just got home to find my new Big Bear custom rod waiting for me.  I'm very impressed!  Your rod appears to be very meticulously crafted.  I can't wait for Michigan's Bass opening day.  Thanks again.
James Stout
Niles, MI

I just wanted to thank you for your work on my fishing rod.  It looks fantastic.  I used it for the first time this afternoon and it performed like a new one.  I want to thank you especially for providing great customer service.  The next time I am in the market for a new rod it will definitely be a Big Bear.
Michael Kirby
Augusta, GA
Big Bear rods have truly changed my view on all other rods.  I am a guide and tournament fisherman and this is the lightest most accurate fishing rod I have ever laid hands on.  Big Bear helped me win this year and has really blown my mind.  I love these rods and I am really in a predicament now because I am currently sponsored by Shimano.  But this is a new product that can change fishing and I want everyone to know about them.  These rods are truly one of a kind.
My 7' 3/4H-F came in today.  I tied a jig on and caught one on my 2nd cast!  It feels amazing!  Not only do I like it, I love it!
Travis Stevens
Baton Rouge, LA
I received my Big Bear rod (7'6" 3/4H-F) and its simply amazing!  Big Bear rods have really given me a great edge over other anglers. You just can't beat the amazing backbone that the rods have; and without giving up any sensitivity either.  My rod had the strength to pull a 7 lber out of a really matted grass patch to win a big tournament last weekend. 
Darrell Henson Jr.
Greenwell Springs, LA


We are avid freshwater and saltwater fishermen that love the sport and everything about it! Our free time is almost always spent fishing and your company has improved our game by immeasurable amounts. We love your rods, and always use them all of the time! They have great feel and backbones of a horse!  We really appreciate your company and the quality of construction that you provide.  Your fishing rods are awesome to say the least! 

Mark and Brian Christiansen
Fairfax, VA

Love the grips!  I also love the extension butt on the rod and I do find I am getting longer, more accurate cast and less backlash.  I will eventually replace all my rods with Big Bear Rods.
Bradley Hudson
Ontario, Canada
The rods are awesome!  They look great, feel great, and the grips are unreal!  Thanks!
Jose Rivera
Scranton, PA
I wanted to thank you for putting out such a great rod on the market!  After being fatigued from an all day tournament I decided I needed to change.  I started using your rods late last year all.  Your product helped me and I won't be looking back!  They are also a big hit with my club.  Keep up the good work!
Give Big Bear Rods a chance!
Danny Sprague
Hastings, Michigan
I finally got out on the water for a couple of hours with my new rod and caught a couple of fish to boot.  The rod was great!  I was interested in trying the spiral micro guides and they were great as well.  I have to say that my favorite part is the handle.  I love the rubber feel and you were correct in stating it is the best handle out there.  It is! I will be ordering more of your rods!
Brian Blankenship
Summersville, WV
The rods are awesome! We totally love them!  It poured rain all day, and that handle sure works better than any other handle I’ve used in the rain!  
Jamie Stothart
Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada
I caught a 4 pounder this weekend on one of the rods I bought in Atlanta and boy did it feel great!  These are the best rods I ever used in my life!!
Good Fishing,
        Matthew Hasenfratz
        Ponca City, OK
Just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed my new Big Bear rod after putting it threw it's paces this weekend.  It is light and strong.  I caught two 40lb class red fish with the 7' M-F rod.  Compared to the American Rodsmith, Skeet Reese, and Bass pro rods I use, in a short time Big Bear became my favorite and hope to purchase more when I return from Haiti.  The best is the personable service, there is no way to have conversations with any other rod maker.
Travis Jenkins
Covington, LA

My new shakey head rod (7' M-F spin) is easily the best I have ever used.  I have let people try it and they have been blown away.  Same goes for the flippin stick. (7'6" H-F cast) You really make something special.
Zach O
If you're looking for the BEST rod you've ever used then own a Big Bear rod.  The fit and feel in your hand and the craftsmanship of this rod is second to none!  I've caught some Big bass on these rods and they performed flawlessly.  Once you put a Big bear rod in your hand then you'll know what I mean by the Best and you'll want to go fishing...!!!!        
D. Kendall
Henderson, Nevada
I fished a local tournament this past weekend and your rods are awsome! It's nice to be able to fish for 8 hours and not feel like you were swinging an axe all day. The bite was not aggressive but the sensitivity your rods have make it possible to detect even the lightest bump.  Thanks again for making a great product!
Don Norman
oak ridge, NJ
I bought a pro model 7' 3/4 heavy rod last summer and it has been the best pitchin' rod I have ever used!
Carl Gansner
Granite City, IL
I ordered a 7' MH Big Bear Pro rod about a month ago and just wanted to tell you from a Virginia home based fisherman's perspective, this rod is simply Amazing!  You have been able to take high modulus graphite rods (which are a dime a dozen now days) to the next level.  The problems which plague the diehard tournament angler in the central to northern regions have been addressed and successfully overcome with your rod grips.  It's bad enough that we have to fish early bird tournaments in the February snow or important point standings tournaments' in the middle of August monsoons; just to have the rod handle stay hand numbing cold or slip when wet when you hook into a jaw dropping lunker.  Your Rods Have Fixed This!!
Derik Hudson
Appomattox, VA
I received my rod from Big Bear Fishing Rods just prior to the culmination tournament for my club on Lake Erie. It is a medium light spinning rod with a fast action tip.  The rod handled 4 lb. to 6 lb. Lake Erie Smallmouths and is the most sensitive I have ever had the opportunity to use.  I believe I could feel them breathing on the bait.  It also handles drifting with tubes, grubs and dropshots.
Gary Whiting
Toronto, Canada

I purchased a 6'6" Big Bear rod a year ago in South Carolina and just wanted to say that it's the best rod I have ever used. I hunt for a living and don't fish like I use too, but it's good to know that I have a rod I can depend on when worm or crank bait fishing.  I would not fish with out this rod!  Thanks. 
Eric Enlow of "Big Buck Bound Outdoors" 
After fishing with my new set of Big Bear rods for about two months now, I can say that they are the lightest, most sensitive rods ever placed in my hands. The comfort of the rubber hand grips is unbelievable. The bold lettering of each rods action makes a technique specific setup easily retrievable without having to fumble through the rod locker. The look alone turns heads when people see it. Last but not least it is an honor to fish a rod that is made in the USA!!!  Thanks for an awesome, awesome product.
Scott Buxton
Napoleonville, LA
“I am so impressed with the quality and craftmanship of your rod, I opened it when I got home from work today and words do not describe how good it looks and feel!”
Zach Olson
Alpharetta, GA

The 7’ ML-F Pro spinning rod just never ceases to come through for me in finesse situations.  I have used it for drop-shotting and shakey worm presentations with tremendous success.   Folks need to know that this rod is tremendous for finesse applications.  I honestly place this rod as my #1 finesse rod due to sensitivity and how well I can work a lure in that necessary minute movement presentation that bass just cannot resist when the bite is tough.  For those of us living in parts of the country that experience multiple cold fronts over relatively short periods of time, this rod is an absolute necessity.

Blaise Johnston
Dublin, OH
A friend introduced me to your rods and I am now using a 7 foot MLF to Saltwater fish with in Louisiana.  Great Product !!!!!!
Dave Underwood
I have to tell you I was a ******** rod user until I tried one of your big bear rods.  I have now sold all my old rods and gone to BIG BEAR.  Thank you for such a great rod.  I caught an 8lb 9oz largemouth Carolina riggin’on the 7’ MH-F and it handled it great.
Steven Kiser
tallahassee, FL
“I just wanted to let you know I got the rod on the water this weekend and showed it off to the club guys and they were all very impressed and so was I.  Second to none sensitivity and very light weight.”



“I was surprised to see your rod weighed EXACTLY the same as a similar G Loomis GLX/IMX.”
Todd Iwamoto
San Jose, CA
That 7’ M-F spinning rod is excellent.  It was sensitive enough I could feel those little bites using a weightless trick worm, but still soft enough not to pull the hook.  Again it is great.
Tommy Edwards

ft myers, FL


I got my rod and fished Saturday night.  It is truly the best rod I have ever had in my hand and I can’t wait to get some more!!!!!!!

Cleo Jennings

Knoxville, TN