Our Warranty

If you are not satisfied with your new Big Bear Fishing Rod for any reason; you may return it in new condition in exchange for any other rod. 

Big Bear Fishing Rods will repair, replace, or issue credit for any fishing rod that shows defects in materials or craftsmanship for the life of the fishing rod. Most rod failures due to defects in materials or craftsmanship will occur within 90 days of first use.  Blank failure after extensive use is usually caused by outside influences such as being smashed or crushed, or by other outside damage to the blank.  The decision to repair, replace, or issue credit for any rod will be determined by Big Bear Fishing Rods.  Rod failure due to altercation, accident, neglect, abuse, or misuse is not covered under warranty.  This warranty applies only to the original full price purchaser. 

The top rod in the picture is a perfect example of a defective blank.  You can see it is essentially a clean break.  The bottom rod is an example of a blank that was not defective.  Jagged splinters are typical of a blank that was previously damaged or was pushed past the breaking point.

Even rods that are determined to not be defective will be issued $50 credit toward the full price purchase of a new rod.

Customer is responsible for all shipping charges.

To Return a rod, ship it to:

Big Bear Fishing Rods
2222 Terrabrook Lane
Charleston, SC 29412

Please include your name and phone number or email address and a return shipping address.