Rod Guide

 Big Bear Fishing Rods are extremely versatile.  We don’t build technique specific rods because we believe there is no one perfect rod for any single lure or technique made to fit every angler.  Everyone is different and fishing conditions are constantly changing.  That is why we offer 32 different casting L.P.A. combinations in both standard and micro rods and 18 different spinning combinations.


Big Bear Fishing Rods offers SIX different rod lengths from 6'6" to 7'9" and SEVEN different power levels from Medium Light to Extra Heavy. 

Choosing a rod length almost always comes down to personal preference.  Longer rods offer better casting distance and fish fighting control.  Shorter rods offer better accuracy and less weight.  Big Bear builds rods every three inches, that way you always have longer and shorter options available when you need them. 

6'6"   6'9"   7'   7'3"   7'6"   7'9"


 To help diversify our rod line up and give you more options to better fit your needs we have tightened up the traditional power scale and added new power options. 

Choosing the right power level for you can be difference the between landing or loosing fish.  With the addition of the extra Big Bear 3/4 power levels, you can power up or power down directly to your perfect rod for any situation. 

    The 3/4Medium and 3/4Heavy are slightly lighter in power then their full power Medium and full power Heavy counter parts.  In other words they are not full Medium or full Heavy power rods, they are 3/4 of them.