Our Blanks

Every Big Bear blank is made from multiple types of high modulus carbon fiber blended together and rolled under extreme pressure to create some of the lightest, toughest, most sensitive graphite fishing rods available today.


The Original

The Original Big Bear blanks remain among the highest quality available.  For the last 15 years, this blank has outperformed the competition with incredible sensitivity, ample power, and a break ratio of less then one in one hundred.  Utilizing two different types of high modulus carbon fiber and scrimless design technology, the Original Big Bear blank continues to preform to the highest standards.



The new Kodiak blanks are truly a model of excellence.  Utilizing three different types of high modulus carbon fiber, our blank designers have created an even lighter, more sensitive graphite blank, with an unbelievable power to weight ratio.  In addition to standard Fast Action blanks, the new Kodiak manufacturing process has also enabled production of Extra Fast Actions.  This blank is amazing in every model.