Our Grip

Big Bear Fishing Rods is not a typical rod company.  Our most obvious difference is our grip design.  The Big Bear grip feels incredible and will increase your overall rod control on the very first cast.  Our very comfortable rod set up allows anglers to make longer, more accurate casts and solid, more powerful hook sets without limiting sensitivity or increasing weight. 
The grip combined with a properly balanced rod helps to reduce hand and arm fatigue because you don't have to hold the rod as tightly as conventional rods.  Being able to hold your rod more comfortably means you will not be as tired at the end of the fishing day. 

    The Big Bear grip will out preform every other conventional handle in EVERY weather condition.


    Insulating from the cold, they warm up with the heat from your hand after just a few casts.

    Water in extreme rain is channeled underneath your hand and you won’t slip on the hook set or long cast.

          Every Big Bear fishing rod features a modified reel seat and a no-fore-grip design to minimize weight and maximize sensitivity.


          The butt grips are cushioned and rounded for hard hook sets and long enough for comfortable two handed casts.

          Large font on the split handle allows anglers to easily identify the L.P.A.  (Length, Power, Action) of a rod while still in the rod box.  To learn more about LPA, check out our L.P.A. page.